Some tips about foreplay that I learned from sexy escorts

By Amy Cooper January 19, 2016

This is not a secret that foreplay can always increase the pleasure and satisfaction in the sexual relationship. But this is also a big fact that you cannot have the foreplay in better manner unless you are aware about right tips and tricks beautiful girlfor same. I had no idea about these tips for foreplay and when I dated a brunette woman by escorts service, then that brunette woman from escorts option shared some amazing tips for same with them. After I got amazing fun with brunette escorts once, I dated many other brunette women by escorts services and I got many other tips also from them about foreplay.

Here, I am sharing those tips or suggestions that I learned about foreplay from multiple brunette escorts.

Start it slow: To have the best pleasure in foreplay, all the brunette escorts suggested me to start it slow. They said, if I am going to start is slow, then t will give great fun to me and my partner both. They suggested I should gradually start playing with girls hair, then I should kiss her on neck and then I should move ahead for the next steps. It will certainly help them have a nice fun in easy ways.

Don’t shy: In foreplay, nothing is wrong and if you will feel anything as award, then you may not be able to enjoy the complete act with your heart. When I was having talk with my brunette companions from escorts service, I got this suggestion and I agree with it. I learned that if I will feel shy for anything or if I will try not to do something due to an ick factor, then I might not be able to enjoy the overall experience.

Give happiness: Many time people try to get only happiness from their partner and they forget this simple thing in the foreplay as well. Brunette escorts suggested me not to make this mistake while having this fun with your partner.

They suggested I should pay more attention on my partner’s happiness instead of expecting the fun. If I would do this, then I would definitely get amazing fun as well from them

Read and apply: Doing good research is another important thing that you must do to have more pleasure in the foreplay. Brunette escorts suggested that men should do more reading for this subject and they should implement those things in the foreplay. If a man is ready to learn new things about this subject, then he can certainly have great experience and pleasure in this particular fun thing.

In addition to this, they also advised that men should ask what their female partners want to have. When they would talk to their partners and when they would ask things, then both of them can enjoy more pleasure in this activity. Also, while talking they both can do naughty and erotic talk with each other and that can also increase the pleasure in both of them in really fantastic manner.

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